About us

Arabia International FCZ was born in 2016 as a product of the demand of governments, private companies, businessmen and individuals who required particular and specialized assistance with infrastructure projects, spanning over four continents, in order to connect with the right construction companies that fit their demands, budget, urgency and vision. Therefore, we seized the opportunity of aiding develop businesses in the most important regions in the world in a highly competitive, multicultural and geopolitical environment.

Our diverse task force of experts combines the knowledge and experience of 30+ years of specialized businessmen along with the mind of young analysts and thinkers to actively engage as advisors of a variety of infrastructure projects such as airports, highways, railways, metros, ports, bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings and towers, hotels, villa complexes, universities, sport cities, industrial cities and parks, stadiums, oil storages, refineries, power stations, and solar and wind energy complexes among others.

We use our real-time network and exclusive relationships with diverse companies to identify, connect to and close infrastructure deals.



Core Values


  • To be leaders in the international market of strategic advisors between entities with significant projects and infrastructure companies by focusing on the expansion of our commercial relations with both clients and infrastructure corporations under the scheme of ethical, efficient and reliable work.

  • Our vision is to serve as strategic advisors to our clients in order to:

    DEFINE: Aid them in profiling their project and specific needs

    STRUCTURE: Provide them with the insight into the structuring, financing and implementation of their project

    CONNECT: Connect them with the appropriate companies that will meet their specific needs

    OVERSEE: Manage the projects by offering a knowledgeable service of high quality experts and good management.

  • Adaptability: All of our clients come from diverse backgrounds and present a variety of needs. It is in our fiber to be adaptable and agile. Our industry is constantly changing, and we will ensure our clients we will take the necessary steps to deliver a high quality product and experience that is engineered and tailored to their very core.

    Customer Service: Our clients come first

    Diligence: As actors in a sophisticated and ever-changing geopolitical environment we have a persevering determination to improving our client´s position and result

    Excellence: We deliver what we promise and we go beyond what is expected. We are in the constant pursuit of the highest quality.

    Integrity: We act with honesty and do the right thing

  • Our management team has previously held senior roles in companies and sectors related to technology, business development, consulting and finance.

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